21419622_792278_10100305066077039_1185419712_o Aimee C. Tittlemier has held many different jobs, from coffee shop barista to department director. Her consistent successwith the interviewing process inspired her to start helping others similarly build their resumes and become the professionals they want to be. Since then, she has coached numerous individuals in the art of interviewing, working with them to hone their skill sets and find careers that best suit them. Prior to joining the work force, the author graduated with honors from Loyola Marymount University with a bachelor of arts degree in English/Journalism.
Drawing from her own experiences on both sides of the hiring process, Aimee has created a foolproof guide to cracking the all-important step of putting your most professional self forward for the prospective employers. Don’t Fluck It Up: The Perfect YOU for the Job Interview provides you with practical, actionable guidance to prepare for an interview and find the job that suits your unique skill set.
Her largest career goal is now to share what she’s learned so that others might draw from her experiences and advice to succeed in their own career goals.